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It All Started with a Pot of Grits!

When I'm asked, what inspired me to start my own business, the response is simple, "it all started with a pot of grits...LITERALLY!" Don't get me wrong, I had a love for cooking ever since my mother allowed me to use the stove on my own. I used to cook a lot for my family and friends just for fun growing up. I even got a lot of compliments on my food but never had the confidence to think that I could actually sell it and make a profit. That all changed the day I went into work at this lounge and discovered that the chef had called and said that he could not make it. The owner of this establishment had decided to take matters into his own hands and cook. All he had asked was for someone to make the grits because they weren't his "forte." I volunteered to assist and one thing led to another and I started volunteering to cook everything! In fact, he had turned into my Sous Chef. Brunch had gone so well that he had asked if I'd take over weekly which   both excited and terrified me at the same time! I agreed just to feel it out and before I knew it, I had people inquiring about my services and the possibility of ordering food. I was so overwhelmed and flattered that I had finally found my life's niche and next thing I knew, I was brainstorming business names with my mother and starting a worthwhile career doing something that always made me happy.


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